It’s 1959 again

left_right_and_centre film

Left to right – Richard Watkiss, Ian Carmichael and Moyra Fraser

Now that we are in June we are running headlong towards the car crash which is, of course, the UK General Election.  This year seeing an exhausted electorate, a confusion of policies and above all a bit of a surreal aspect to the whole event.

It is timely there that today (1 June 2017) Talking Picturse TV is showing the gentle 1959 satirical comedy film “Left, Right and Centre” which tells the tale of an election with a twist; the two candidates fall for each other big time.  Starring Ian Carmichael and Eurovision winner Patricia Bredin with a lovely turn by Alistair Sim it shows a Britain on the cusp of the swinging sixties.  However, although this whimsical tale harks back to a gentler time one thing is very clear – the platforms on which both Labour and Conservative campaign.

A vote for the Conservatives is a vote for poverty and despair shout the  Labour campaign.  A vote for Labour is a vote for chaos and uncertainty cry the Conservative camp.  And meanwhile in the background the unscrupulous Alistair Sim makes money off both sides.

So, whilst I can’t see a love in between Teresa May and Jeremy Corbyn any time soon it seems that slogans and avarice haven’t changed.  Welcome to the 21st Century, we’re still in 1959.

Left, Right and Centre (1959)




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